Thursday, 1 March 2012

Welcome to the 1 Percent

Welcome to the 1 percent, where I and possibly a few other interesting individuals will be posting ramblings and musings on what is happening the world of finance.

With that goal in mind I guess it is pretty easy to figure out how I came across the name for this blog. In an age where my profession stands as the 'most hated profession in the world', it is rare that I can read a whole newspaper without an article relating to how the 99% (as they attractively call themselves) believe we are responsible solely for the economic pile of horse turd we currently find ourselves in....anyway bad blood aside, I thought that in being labelled indirectly as the 1%, I may as well get some use of it!

Who am I? Well I am a financial (semi) professional spending time at two investment banks while more recently plying my trade in a boutique derivatives house. Unfortunately, I don't want to open myself up to anything libelous so lets just play it safe and keep everything on an anonymous basis.....

I intend to set up a mailbox in the near future but until then, contact through the forum will be your only voice!!!

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